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Orchid Projects 

Orchid Growing as a Business

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            Orchids are accepted as royal flowers in every field of human life. In House, Office, Parks, Hotels and in every occasions orchids have a position. This has created employment opportunities and business lines in modern days. So orchid plant production, flower production, flower arrangements, bouque making, large scale cultivation, Tissue culture, hardening of tissue culture plants, breeding new varieties, potting materials, plastic and wooden pot making, orchid fertilisers etc .etc are all business now. Young entrepreuners can very well jump into the field.


Small or Large

            From a minimum area of 10 ft X 10 ft green house or shade house to acres of  farming, Orchid Growing is a business.

           Or it can be  a minimum area of 50sq mtr of open land for orchid bed or Terrace Orchid growing brings every one satisfaction and income.  

          It is possible to grow 250 dendrobiums in 100 sq ft area of bright lighted terrace. Potted dendrobium plants at blooming stage is highly marketable. Starting with suitable size 2-3 batches of plants can be sold out, creating a profit of not less than 60,000/-Indian Rupees investing a mere sum of Rs.33,000/-


            The expected income from one acre of open land converted into orchid farm    

            will bring an income of Rs.30 to 35 Lakhs every year with an one time     

            investment of Rs.40 Lakhs. High ranges are still to be exploited for successful  

            orchid farming.


ASEAN countries, China,  Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Hawaiian Islands etc are growing Tropical Orchids suitable for Indian conditions. Most of the Hybrid varieties selected for commercial cultivation are developed from Indian Orchids or closely related plants.

So it is a successful venture to go for large scale orchid cultivation in INDIA.

States of Kerala, Tamil nadu, Karnataka, Doa, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Odissa, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim etc are identified as potential areas for commercial Orchid Cultivation



Technical advisor of Aarshasree Orchids Raveendran Chennilode in a Taiwanese  Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower production farm   


                                                                                                                                     The problem of new ventures are, there are  no proper guidance from experienced agencies.


      What to plant ?

     Where to plant ?

     How to manage ?

     Neccessary Training ?

     Proper Technology ?

     Marketing strategies ?

     Team of Aarshasree Orchids provide

every assistance for an Orchid project any where in India.  We prepare project reports, select suitable planting materials, import plants, give training

for the entrepreuner and gardener,

give cultivation tips, undertake consultancy,

ensure profit, assist in marketing and take the lead for collective and group activities.

Aarshasree Orchids

Aarsha, Chennilode,

Medical College P.O. Trivandrum,

Kerala, India.

Pin : 695011.    phones: .   

Mobiles: 91-9387813212.   91-9495968212. 

E-mails: for general information:   

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Orchid Projects 

Small or large readily available with us.

Tell us your locality

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Preference of variety of orchids

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